Product Review- Lakme 9 to 5 Makeup Remover

 Sunday, April 17, 2011

 We all love makeup and buy them after a lot of deliberation and take care to choose right product for our skin types and how to apply it. But many of us forget to remove it afterwards.
Removing the makeup is one thing which should be followed to keep your skin healthy and glowing. If makeup is not removed properly it can lead to clogged pores and uneven skin caused due to skin breakouts. So removal is makeup is as important as applying it on your face. We checked out various options available in the market. One such product is the
Lakme Nine to Five Dual-Action makeup remover
Price Rs 295 for 120 ml bottle
Packaging: This comes in a Light pink colored spray bottle which makes it easy to use and wastage proof as no spills or extra products while taking the product on cotton pad.
Shelf life is 2 years
We tried this product on a woman with a normal skin with no major skin problems.
Pros: 1.Works what it promises, Skin felt nice and clean after removing makeup. Cleaned up all the things like waterproof makeup, 9 to 5 stay long lipsticks and foundations as well.
 2. This product is very mild smelling so no overpowering smell.
Cons: Facial skin feels oily after using it but once you wash it off with tepid water that will leave your skin totally smooth.
 Our Verdict: Price range is affordable, does not dig a hole in your pocket and quality is good. So I will rate it 7-8 on the scale of 10. If you use makeup you can safely use this product.


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